Awaken Your Mind, Body & Soul

Awaken Your Mind, Body & Soul

Are you making time for your daily well-being ritual?

Your awaking wellbeing is an important part to the start of your daily routine.  A ritual is a beautiful way to start your day. It contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness, it opens yourself for conversation and most importantly – it make yourself feel hungry just before the most important eating time of the day – breakfast!

Our Pure Body Luxe Awaken oil is a perfect choice for this time of the day.  

Awaken’s primary aroma is Bergamot and Orange, with secondary but subtle notes of Tangerine, the green notes from Geranium and the woody and exotic aromas of Myrrh, Fennel Seed and Clary Sage. This creates an aromatically balanced light citrus aroma and because of its unique formulation, you can use it as often as you want thought the day without it overpowering!  It is truely uplifting and tranquillising.

Introduce this routine to your day: Cleanse your body as normal in the shower or bath in the morning. Before drying, just by adding a few drops of Awaken to the cup of one hand, rub your hands together then spread it over your whole body. Add small amounts for specific areas, face to any other parts of your body should you feel the need.  If you can, stand in a comfortable pose in the warmth of the morning sun for just a few minutes (or as recommended by your heath or medical practitioner). You should feel an immediate sense of enlightenment when the beautiful citrus aromas blend and absorb into your skin whilst your eyes and body adjusts to the most beautiful time of the day.

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