Evolve — Aroma & Character

Evolve — Aroma & Character

Heady, Heavenly, Sweet, Sensual, Intoxicating and Tropical.

The frangipani flower has a complex, lush, rich floral fragrance…Frangipani flowers may smell like candy, gardenias, pineapple, plum, grapes, ripe banana, citrus, coconut, ginger, roses, and spices or a combination of any of these.

Because of its simple beauty and refined shape, the frangipani flower also brings up feelings of peace, harmony and perfection. While the coconut is called the “Tree of Life” because of its many uses, frangipani earned the same nickname for an entirely different reason. This tree is often planted in temple grounds and graves as a symbol of eternal life for the soul.

Although it is a pretty enough tree by day it is night time, when you least expect it, when the frangipani can cast its enchanting spell.

A gentle breeze on a warm tropical evening can waft the scent into nearby open windows. A rich, buttery fragrance that lingers, almost coating the back of the throat with its velvety caress.

The intoxicating smell of pure love.