Heal — Zest for Skin

Heal — Zest for Skin

Heal was created to solve the problem of dull looking skin. Although, as with our entire range, the products were formulated to be pure, multipurpose and effective.

So, who is it for and what problems does it solve?

Heal, as the name implies, is wonderful for a lacklustre complexion, for those dealing with mild blemishes or over-productive pores. The lemon and geranium essential oils offer cleansing, purifying effects whilst also being highly astringent and detoxifying in nature. Heal helps to regulate sebum production, gently and effectively exfoliate, brighten skin tone and minimise inflammation.

When skin’s lost its zest, massage in the energizing powers of this exotic blend to encourage microcirculation and rev up radiance. Perfect for mornings, whilst travelling and at night.

Heal is our go-to oil for oily skin or for use as an effective and thorough makeup remover. Apply Heal and massage over the entire face savouring the ritual of massage and the calming effects of inhaling the blend of therapeutic essential oils. Wipe away with a soft cloth or cotton pad. No further toner or moisturiser is required unless your skin is extremely dry.

Microcirculation is key. That’s why this blend focuses on fatigue-fighters and radiance-makers. The blend of Lemon, Geranium and Clary Sage dissolve excess oil, regulate skin tone, and mildly exfoliate without the use of harsh chemicals. The Argan and Hemp seed oils work to moisturise without being comedogenic and leaving your skin with a greasy finish. For those wanting a lighter oil this is the one we recommend.

Possessing cicatrizant and antiseptic properties, meaning it is wonderfully wound healing, we find Heal amazing used as an aftershave product for men as it calms, soothes, minimises the appearance of any nicks, stops bleeding, and moisturisers. Calming for the skin and the mind. Multi-purpose, holistic beauty.

Does it contain preservatives?

No. Heal is a 100% oil product, made without water so it does not need a preservative. For that same reason, avoid introducing water into the product which could create an environment for microbes and other microorganisms to grow. Heal is pure and natural. We have used a high-quality glass bottle with a pump to minimise oxygen and water coming into contact with the oil which may decrease the shelf life.