Geranium | Lemon
Clarifying Face & Body Oil

Heal is a select combination of 20 phytonutrient and bioactive oils that work together to provide intense hydration for dry, damaged and moisture depleted skin. A versatile face and body oil perfect as a facial cleanser, clarifier, and make-up remover in one. Helps restore the microbiota balance in the skin and promoting healthy cell healing and rejuvenation.

Key Benefits
  • Easily absorbed, lightweight and non-greasy formula that leaves the skin smooth and soft with a radiant, healthy glow
  • Suitable for normally dry and moisture depleted skin
  • High in anti-ageing ingredients to combat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Skin repair, restoration and maintenance
  • Non comedogenic formulation
  • Perfect for use as a shaving oil emollient