What’s my skin type?

What’s my skin type?

Not sure which category your skin falls into? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover your skin type – and which products to use for best results. Straight up: the condition of your skin isn’t necessarily fixed. Often, the needs of your skin ebb and flow along a spectrum of factors. However, your skin type (dry, normal, combination, or oily) is genetic. You’re born with it. And while skin typically becomes drier and less elastic as you age, your skin type will generally stay the same, while your skin condition may change according to a range of internal and external factors.  

What affects skin type?

Aside from genes, ageing is really the only factor that seems to have an impact on skin type. This is because our sebaceous glands produce less oil as we get older. The good news? The Australasian Academy of Dermatology advocates that we have more influence than we think over ageing when it comes to the appearance of our skin. And it all comes down to good old fashioned common sense. Preventative actions like daily SPF protection, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and using a deeply nourishing night treatment (like our Evolve Rejuvenating Face and Body Oil) can have a profound effect in preventing the effects of skin ageing.

What affects skin condition?

While it may not be possible to literally change skin types, internal and external factors like hormones, environment and lifestyle play a role in affecting the overall condition of your skin.
  • Climate and season can affect the condition of your skin, i.e. your skin is likely to be drier in winter
  • Hormones fluctuate at different times in our lives (pregnancy, teenage years and menopause in particular), which can affect the behaviour of your skin
  • Medication like Roaccutane can cause your skin to become drier or more sensitive
  • Diet has a huge effect on the overall health of your skin – not to mention the rest of your body!
  • Allergies like sensitivities to dairy or gluten can manifest on the skin. Your best port of call here? Talk to your GP or health provider
  • Incorrect skin care: the wrong formula for your skin type can completely disrupt your skin’s natural acid mantle and its protective layer of bacteria  

Skin type vs skin condition

You’ll need to consider your skin care products according to both skin type and skin condition. However, all skin types and conditions need SPF and antioxidants. Our 100% natural Protect Moisturising Sunscreen Oil is a must have, providing UVA and UVB sun filtering properties with added moisturising properties. Another fabulous thing about about skin care oils? They suit all skin types and conditions! Skin oils effectively mimic the skin’s natural barrier to help protect the skin, all while leaving your complexion looking and feeling fresh.

The skin types test

Here are some quick guidelines to help you discover your skin type. Dry skin You’ll know your skin is dry if: it looks rough, scaly or flaky. It’ll look dull around the cheeks and eyes, feel tight and sometimes itchy. Little elasticity means you’re prone to fine lines Products to use: restore moisture and lipid (oil) balance with our Nourish Moisture Surge Oil Oily skin You’ll know your skin is oily if: your skin looks shiny and thick, and feels oily to touch. You’ll have a tendency to breakout and usually have enlarged pores Products to use: get your increased sebum production under control with our Heal Clarifying Face and Body Oil Sensitive skin You’ll know your skin is dry if: it’s red, angry-looking and/or inflamed. Sun damaged / sun burned skin also falls into the sensitive category. This skin type needs serious TLC! Products to use: restore and heal your sensitive skin with our Soothe After Sun Oil Normal skin You’ll know your skin is normal if: it’s clean and smooth with good circulation and overall even complexion. No visible blemishes, greasy patches or flaky areas. Lucky you! Products to use: Normal skin still needs moisture. Get your fix with our Relax Moisturising Face and Body Oil Combination skin   You’ll know your skin is combination if: you have a mixture of all of the above (i.e dry cheeks and eye area, oily t-zone, normal forehead). It’s actually a very common skin type! Products to use: the dry parts and the oily parts require different skin care products. Our Heal Clarifying Face and Body Oil reduces inflammation in oily or acne-prone areas, while our Nourish Moisture Surge Oil restores moisture to the dry Every skin is unique. Your skin care needs will depend on a range of personal factors. It’s advisable to have your skin checked by a professional every 3 months.