Meet Frankie,
she loves Awaken

Enriched with pure plant oils and botanical actives to promote skin health and healing, your complexion will feel soft, clean, and beautifully refreshed.

When Frankie found out she was having twins she decided to rethink her initial decision to only take 3 months off after the birth. Four years later and she’s still at home. She’s a trained nurse and plans to go back to work this year.

Meet Frankie

Even though she was used to shift work she found the twins sleep problems left her chronically sleep deprived. She uses Awaken as a pick me up in the mornings to wake her up and get her ready for the day. It’s now become her morning ritual and the scent of bergamot and orange is an olfactory clue for her to take a big deep breath in and get started.

Frankie loves Awaken so much she even carries it in her bag all the time. Not only does she find it nourishing for her cuticles she has been known to squirt some on a tissue to wipe her kids mouths clean.

Sundays are Frankie’s favourite day of the week. It’s family time and she loves the Sunday paper and a Sunday roast. She reads the paper and her husband makes the roast (and looks after the twins). It’s Frankie’s only afternoon off as her husband works six days a week as a real estate agent.

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